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Welcome to the World of Penelope Flynn

Adult-targeted Sci Fi, Horror,  and Fantasy tales and artwork


My name is Penelope Flynn

I write epic tales of Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate

History, and Hidden History that don't skimp on the spicy details.

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The Blood Moon Festival

October 28th is the Blood Moon also known as the Hunter's Moon marking the final hunt of the year.  Join me and my band of predators Saturday Night 10/28/23 to commemorate the fruits of the harvest and the thrill of the hunt! register now at and if you become a Patron by October 20 2023 I'll send you one of  our "Just Add Water" celebration packages created specifically for the event!

When eight blerdy, erotica authors share relationship tales seen through the prisms of science fiction, horror, fantasy and dark lit, what do you get? You get...  sexy monsters, werewolves, AI, ghosts, zombies ands vampires. You get Blerdrotica 2: Couple's Therapy. Grab a copy today and take a walk on the wild, sexy and blerdy side.

Coming Soon "How to Get Rid of a Ghost"
  at The Speculative Fiction Academy

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Blerdrotica I_ Sweet, Sexy and Special D

Penelope Flynn writes and creates 3D illustrations, art and character designs for mixed genre speculative fiction with elements of fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, AfroRetroism, Erotica, Suspense, and afrofuturism  ~

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