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Adult-targeted tales and artwork featuring elements of

 Sci Fi, Horror,  and Fantasy


I write epic tales of Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate History, and Hidden History that don't skimp on the spicy details.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ina & Koescu Fans.png

For those who enjoy adult-targeted ribald humor, join me at the Renfields FB page on Valentine's Day for a reading of Renfields: The Language of the Fan. The story chronicles the tale of our favorite Revenant, Koescu who must find a way to ease himself back into the good graces of his beloved Ina. But knowing Koescu, his arrogance and obliviousness are bound to dig him deeper into trouble.  Can he employ the Language of the Fan to reveal his true intentions to Ina and make his way back into her heart... and her bed?

The Language of the Fan is a tale of love, betrayal and how even Revenants can have complicated and messy love lives. During the reading at 8pm CST the night of the 14th, we'll be employing some of our Renfield fan language and invite you to join in the fun.

Also available for your spicy Valentine's Day reading...

Blerdrotica I_ Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark.png

Both Blerdrotica ebooks are FREE to all Patrons so join my Patreon today!

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Penelope Flynn writes and creates 3D illustrations, art and character designs for mixed genre speculative fiction with elements of fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, AfroRetroism, Erotica, Suspense, and afrofuturism  ~

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