Any family that has been in existence long enough has its improprieties... its “nasty little secrets”. The Renfield clan claims no different. A product of humankind and Revenants, a bloodthirsty alien breed commonly referred to as "vampires,"  the Renfield hybrids easily withstood the mercurial environments of this world that their alien progenitors, the Revenants call "the Paradox."

        Renfields, originally bred to be the perfect servants and instrumentalities of Revenant will, for millennia reaped the benefits of their unique lineage managing the wealth of the Revenants while at the same time gaining wealh of their own.  Ultimately Renfield wealth and power eclipsed that of the Revenants. Such that they desired it, the Paradox was theirs for the taking.

        When a member of the clan in  bout of insanity revealed the their connection to the dreaded Revenants. Instantly the family fell into disgrace.  Savaged and toppled from positions of power by the suspicious and fearful Paradoxans,  this Great Purge forced Renfields to flee the towns and cities they had helped to build and to hide in lesser-known hamlets of the Paradox or to take refuge  in Abyssia, the ancestral Home worlds of the Revenants.  

        This reversal of fortunes placed them at the mercy of their Revenant  charges who utilized the inequity in bargaining power to their advantage... to extract one hundred years of servitude from the clan which prior to the Great Purge had been on the brink of  independence. Even under the shackles of Revenant subjugation the Renfied clan was determined to rebuild.


        Under the authority of their Praefect, Yannara Stone-Tejan Forza new alliances have been forged with the mystical and fantastical beings in this world known as the Obiterum, to strengthened their social and financial positions. Renfield International, the multi-national family-owned corporate entity headed by Yannara's consort Sebastian Forza has emerged in the Paradox as  a global juggernaut.  Now wielding more wealth and power than ever before the Renfield Clan looks joyfully toward the end of their One hundred years of servitude.


        Yannara and Sebastian's highly trained and capable daughter Ramona who heads Renfields' Investigation and Enforcement Division is named to take the reins of both the Traditional and corporate Renfield entities. For the Renfield clan, the future appears bright. However the Revenants seek to keep their Renfield cousins writhing under the thumb of Revenant rule, even if it means joining forces with members of the Obiterum or even their  Paradoxan nemeses. 

       Conflict is inevitable and Ramona and her crew had better be ready.

  These are the Chronicles of Renfields. 

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