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The Chronicles of Renfields

First Book Cover F.png

The First Book of Ramona takes a peek behind the blood red curtain during the Gatsby era, into the life of the Renfield heir apparent.  Ramona's  rise to the top of the Renfield Clan has been a foregone conclusion... until now.  Bad luck and bad timing are damaging her reputation and a new player is reaching for the same rungs on the corporate ladder.  Juggling both  friends and foes she must  protect her family while securing  her hard-fought-for spot in the hierarchy.


Regarding Koescu, Revenant Lineage Book 1 is a  sexy, bloody and wild  plunge into an ancient Revenant's rejuvenation and reintroduction to the world . Join Koescu as he navigates his way through new rules and  a new life at the height of the Jazz Age . 

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