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Experience the visual meditatitons of Flowscape. These are the final results of the Go With the Flow sessions completed M-F 8am CDT at



"So, why the Masque of the Red Death," you might ask. Well, I was inspired by the reported flight of the obscenely rich to bunkers and palaces to ride out the scourge of  Corvid-19 presuming that the rest of the world would, "take care of itself."  

I hope you'll take a listen and contact me at to let me know what short story you'd like to hear next!


"Unfleamed" is my contribution to the anthology, SLAY: Stories of the Vampire Noire curated by Nicole Givens-Kurtz.

Recently I was provided the opportunity to do a short reading from the story at My story excerpt begins at 44:30, but  I hope you'll take the opportunity to enjoy all of the readings from SLAY as well as the other offerings from  

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