BLERDROTICA Submission Guidelines


                          SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED



For all you creatives with an abiding taste for hot chocolate, submissions are now open for the Penelope Flynn: BLERDROTICA anthology.


What we are looking for is hot, smart, sexy erotica specially tailored to us blerds. If you’re thinking that black erotica is street lit, we’d say, “YES IT IS my friends IF you’re talking Main Street, Elm Street, Bourbon Street, Bleeker Street and/or Wall Street!” Give us stories that are flirty and dirty, quirky and blerdy from any spec-fic genre of your choice. Horror, Fantasy, Afro-Futurist, Afro-Retroist, Science Fiction, all the “—punks” (– steam, cyber, diesel you name it), are at your disposal.  Show us your blerdrotic side, sexy and special dark.


First the Prohibitions:


No graphic representations of nonconsensual sex… period.

No express or implied sex with children. Children cannot give consent, so stories including sexual depictions with children (even if they are coded – and we will check) will be rejected out of hand.

No animals. Animals cannot give consent so no bestiality. (Although fantastical creatures such as shape-shifters, dragons, monsters, etc. are fair game—within reason).

No sexual violence, physical or emotional for the purpose of sexual titillation. Any sexual “violence” in the form of BDSM must acknowledge that all parties are aware of the BDSM arrangement and acknowledge the use of a safety word in the story.

No reprints. We are currently considering only heretofore unpublished works.

No multiple submissions. Please send that one work you believe best fits our guidelines.

No simultaneous submissions.

And this should go without saying, but will be said anyhow… NO STEREOTYPING.


Now that we’re done with the “No’s” here are the “Yeses”:


Yes, an African American, i.e., an individual of African descent from any of the Americas (North, South or Central America and the Caribbean) must be a main character in the story.

Yes, you can submit a story even if you are NOT of African American descent.

Yes, feel free to show diversity. Submissions featuring characters of diverse ethnicities, religions, nationalities and cultures with meaningful interaction are welcomed. (And Yes we embrace the fact that people don’t stop having sex at thirty-five, —Grandma and Grandpa got a brand new bag, too. How do you think you got here?).

Yes there is a general word count of no less than 3000 and no more than 5500 words, but if you think you have a longer tale that can beguile us and maintain our interest, we’re not opposed to giving you up to 10,000 words to share your masterpiece.

Yes we will be buying first North American serial rights, exclusive anthology rights, exclusive electronic and e-book rights for one year after first publication, and non-exclusive paper, electronic, audio, and e-book rights to reprint thereafter in perpetuity. Payment is $100, upon publication.




We will begin accepting submissions on May 15, 2018 and close submissions on November 15, 2018.


The reading period will continue through December 15, 2018.


Notification letters with proposed contractual language will be delivered the first week of January 2019.


Please send your submission to Please entitle the email BLERDROTICA SUBMISSION and attach 1) your cover letter which should state your pen name and your legal name if it differs, your story title, the word count of the story, the genre or subgenre of the story and a short bio; and as a separate attachment, 2) the story, itself. All stories should be submitted in English and in standard manuscript format. We prefer that the documents be submitted in .DOC, .DOCX format but will also accept RTF (no pdf please).


Please contact us at if you have any questions or require any additional information and…

Get your blexy on!

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