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Bats in the Belfry

I start Go With the Flow in half an hour and I am irked over this dream I had last night. We live in an older house and I dreamed that we had bats living in the eaves. But not only were they in the eaves, somehow in this dream the overhang was nearly inside the house so the bats were roosting right outside the open window. I didn't dare disturb them because I was afraid they'd fly in through the window.

So I went to get assistance. Recall that I live in an old house. When I got to the stairs to run down, someone had removed the staircase. There were workmen in my house (a good thing) but for some reason unknown to me they had removed the staircase. I called out for one of them to bring a ladder and a guy brings a ladder. BUT... he places it where I can't reach it! Finally I just gave up and used my old monkey bars skills to lower myself down by the edge of the staircase to the bottom.

If this is any indication of how this week is going to go from here. I am looking forward to many challenges and also some successes. Stay tuned. By the way, are there any dream interpreters in the house?

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