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Magic in the Water

Last week on twitter a writer noted that he was his most creative in the shower. And as the discussion turned I began to think about the effect of water on my writing. When I was in high school one of my instructors commented upon the moorish architecture in Spain. She noted that the moorish palaces all contained water features... from reflecting pools to fountains. Spending a majority of time in desert spaces the Moors were aware of the need for water in a utilitarian sense but were equally appreciative of the calming effects and benefits of visual beauty and sound of running water.

By and large we view water as a utilitarian element. We need it to drink, to rain down on our crops, to cleanse, to bathe, to swim in, to cook with. It is so basic and yet so precious.

As a creator I identify with the Moors in viewing water as beneficial beyond its utilitarian purposes and to some degree believe it a luxury to be in the presence of water. Born under a water sign (if you subscribe to such things) I have always felt its calming and creative influence. When I have the opportunity to spend time near the water I am never disappointed with the creativity that results from it.

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