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Summer, summer, summer time!

Amazing that June 21st was officially summer but it feels like we're already half-way in. Our temperatures here in the South West have been sweltering but remembering this past winter with below freezing temperatures keeps me from complaining.

We are now coming up on the time of year that we generally plan if, when, where we will spend our summer vacation. But with a pandemic still ravaging our world the thought of waltzing out to the nearest tourist trap is not at all appealing. But honestly that type of vacation has never been our ideal. We are east coast transplants who have been landlocked all these decades. So our vacations usually take us to the beach. And because we had a house full of children the best way to experience the beach was by renting a beach house.

Yes it sounds ritzy to some but for us it was cost effective. Since there were cooking facilities we would be eating the same food for the week that we were away that we would have eaten at home. And since we would drive to the beach house we'd have the use of our own vehicle for travel once we were there. Also because the beach itself is the attraction, when you get there you don't have to spend a whole lot more on entertainment. Yes, we'd normally plan one night to take the kids out to dinner and maybe a family movie. But the entertainment funds would normally be spent on buying kites to fly on the beach or to buy souvenirs at local vendors.

This year we haven't quite decided whether we're ready to get back out there for a full week. But we are considering maybe a daytrip to picnic on the beach. In the meantime I create my Flowscape scenes in the morning and dream of all the different places we'll travel to in the world when we have suppressed this virus. So take the opportunity to swing by the Forum and pick up a few summer-inspired backgrounds!

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